Glenn Tamplin set to sell Billericay Town – what next for the Blues?

Billericay Town owner Glenn Tamplin made the shocking announcement that he would be putting the Club up for sale yesterday evening.

Since taking over Billericay, Tamplin has become a regular feature in non-league chatter across the nation. His unorthodox tactics at achieving success – including signing former Premier League stars Paul Konchesky and Jermaine Pennant – led to the steel magnate becoming a target for abuse from a vast number pf non league fans who opposed his methods.

Tamplin, who made his millions in the steel industry, is rumoured to have pumped funds in excess of £2million into the Essex club – a monetary boost that many non league fans could only dream of.

With his unusual methods drawing plenty of social media attention, the flamboyant millionaire has become subject to a plethora of analysis and criticism in his every move.

If signing former Premier League stars was one way to draw the attention, Tamplin continued his journey to revolutionise the non league world by sacking himself as manager before reinstating himself just two days later.

Tamplin agreed to step-back from first-team management duties towards the end of last season, providing Head Coach Harry Wheeler with the chance to lead the Blues.

The former St Albans City assistant manager eventually guided Billericay to a treble – winning promotion to the National League South as well as triumphing in the Essex Senior Cup and the League Cup.

Wheeler continued management duties in the Blues’ return to the second-tier of non league but, after a 2-0 defeat at Chippenham Town, the fan-favourite was reportedly relieved of his duties over text message by Tamplin, again throwing the Club directly into the spotlight.

Following a brief period where the Club underwent a media blackout and failed to produce any updates, Tamplin finally broke the silence.

However, in an interview with The National League following a defeat at League leaders Woking – allowing the Cards to extend their lead at the top of the pile to five points – Tamplin admitted that he would be meeting with Wheeler in attempt to sway him back to the AGP Arena although he conceded it was looking unlikely to happy. In addition, Tamplin also stated that he would not be quitting Billericay Town.

In what has since proved to be a shocking turn of events during the last 24 hours, the millionaire has since revealed that he will be putting the Club up for sale later this morning.

A statement on the Club Website read:

“It is with deep regret that I have no choice but to cut my ties with Billericay Town Football Club. The Club is now up for sale with immediate effect.

“I can take the personal abuse but now it has started to affect my health and my family.  For me it has crossed the line.

“When I initially bought the club, my intentions were always to leave a lasting legacy for the people of Billericay to have a great community club to be proud of, and I hope that when the people of Billericay look back they can see that I have achieved some of the intentions I set out to achieve with the club.

“For me the final nail in the coffin was yesterday at the Woking game where I was informed at the ground, after the match, that the police wanted to talk to me regarding a complaint from a fan that that I had been using cocaine.

“After speaking to the police they were satisfied that the complaint was unfounded, although angry and upset I felt that was the end of the matter.

“However, 20 minutes after I had left I was pulled over by the police. Bizarrely I was once again questioned regarding the complaint.

“This lead to my two young children who were with me becoming absolutely terrified and in floods of tears in the back of my car.

“Again, after assisting the police in every way possible I was again allowed to continue my journey home.

“This I hope goes some way to clarify the social media backlash I received from people, including Billericay fans, after my national league post-match interview with comments regarding me being ‘off my face’ etc.

“My last actions will be to find suitable investors that will be able to run the Billericay Town and also to try my hardest to reinstate Harry Wheeler as manager of this great club.

“Thank you to all the fans that have stuck by me through thick and thin I will look back at the treble winning season with fond memories of a momentous time in the clubs history.”

So, with Tamplin revealing that he is going to be putting the Club up for sale, what’s next for the Essex outfit?

Finding new owners

Having revealed that Tamplin is putting the Club up for sale, his first duty will be to find suitable investors.

With figures of over £2million being pumped into the Club’s playing budget as well as a vast redevelopment of the New Lodge site, a substantial financial backing will be required to keep the Blues afloat and competing in The National League South.

The steel magnate has admitted that he values the Club at a minimum of £500k and that he has meetings this week in which he hopes to be given an offer.

Two parties who have already been linked to being potential investors are co-owner Andy Cosias and lead sponsor David McCartney of DMC Contracts.

A new manager

It’s an element that every football team requires. The Blues are currently the guidance of Danny Hazle and Tristan Lewis, although this could change under new owners.

Blues fans are keen for fan-favourite Wheeler to return to the Essex outfit, although it was reported on social media that Tamplin had an unsuccessful meeting with one candidate earlier this week.

A new boss will need to be promised stability and, with the current wage budget potentially opposing any future wage budgets, it is likely that cuts will need to be made to the Blues squad – hindering their chances at challenging for promotion this campaign.

For many Billericay supporters this will be a period of uncertainty, nervousness and anxiousness. They will be waiting to see how it will all pan out but, unfortunately for the loyal supporters, these latest events could come at a heavy cost to their club.

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