How Social Media benefits the relationship between football clubs and their fans

Social Media has now been in our lives for just over a decade. It’s brought a few negatives but a plethora of positives. Although, the influence Social Media has successfully brought supporters close to their club.

The role of a sport’s club’s media team has evolved over recent years. The revolutionary online change that is Social Media has introduced a new platform that can be utilised by sports teams. From instant minute-by-minute updates on Twitter to high-quality image sharing on Instagram, the arrival of Social Media has strengthened the relationship between supporter and club.

In my position of Press Officer at Chelmsford City Football Club, I have received a first-hand experience of how Social Media has made an improvement.

For a long while the Club had been criticised of having a poor relationship with supporters. However, the utilisation of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has mended the broken bridges that had previously existed.

While there still remains the issue of communication between the top of the hierarchy and those responsible for the Club’s communication outlets, at least the relationship between Club and supporters has been repaired.

Throughout the season I often take note of potential ideas to run in the next season in order to continually improve our coverage. This year I took inspiration from a number of Football Clubs due to their Social Media content.

For example, the personal goal GIFs that Bristol City use allowed the Club to gain anticipation from supporters regarding what each player’s graphic would be like. It also meant that supporters, who are often unable to form close relationships with the players, were able to learn more about each player’s personality simply from their activity on Social Media.

Another example of Social Media content which I took inspiration from was Liverpool’s ‘Inside Anfield’ series. This provided supporters with the unseen activities on a match day.  This allowed supporters to see a previously unknown side of what happens at home games in order for matches to run smoothly.

While the season may have only ended a few days ago, plans are already in place so that I can provide supporters with a first-class coverage of games home and away on Social Media.


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