Fictional story-lines but there’s plenty to learn from ‘Friends’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Having provided us with eleven seasons worth of laughter and relation – The Big Bang Theory will end once the upcoming twelfth season has been released.

Since first premiering in September 2007, the American sitcom has become one of the most popular comedy programmes to be shown on TV.

It first began with a look into the life of physicist room-mates Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter but soon expanded to include their friends and girlfriends (and eventual wives) before a follow-up show Young Sheldon provided fans of the show with an insightful prequel into the key character.

If you are a fan of sitcom programmes then you will no doubt have heard of both ‘Friends’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (BBT).

Having first aired in 1994, Friends featured a close-knit group of five friends who presented their day-to-day lives with an added element that allows us to relate with each of the characters.

Ross and Rachel’s love rollercoaster gives us the numerous peaks and troughs that we all experience, Phoebe Buffay is presented as the amusing friend with various qualities, while Chandler and Monica become more than just friends.

On the other hand, BBT gives us Penny and Leonard’s topsy-turvy love journey and the cringeworthy performances of Sheldon. His inability to understand sarcasm; an eidetic memory and a method of being able to make each of his friends want to kill him – although being unable to work out as to why – makes a laugh out loud for hours on end.

Joey gives us an adorably stupid character with the trademark “how you doing?”, while Sheldon’s adorably annoying persona and consistent triple knocking has become world recognised imagery. It’s impossible to dislike either of them.

Both shows have taught us lessons that we will never forget. Phoebe’s embarrassing run shows how we should not care what others think about us; Joey taught us to always reach for our dreams; that our friends will always be by our side and, finally, they taught us that at times our lives will suck but we will always come out on the bright side.

And in a similar way, we can all relate to and take inspiration from the fictional lives of those in BBT.

Leonard’s imperfect relationship with Penny proves to us how we all have our insecurities but we should not let them halt our progress. Penny’s strong desire to become a famous actress shows how we should never give up on our dreams while Howard’s journey to become a spaceman proves that with hardwork we can achieve anything. Sheldon shows we have our odd differences and the strong relationship between Amy, Penny and Bernadette proves that friends are with us for life.

So, whether you’re a fan of ‘Friends’ or the more modern ‘Big Bang Theory’, it’s important that we take inspiration from the characters’ fictional lives and that we may face negativity but the light will come soon after.


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