Blues’ Chairman claims nothing to worry about despite reports of financial woes

Billericay Town chairman Dan Groves claims there is nothing “bad or sinister going on” amid reports of the Essex club coming under financial scrutiny.

The Blues recently released four players from the Club, allowing Dean Inman, Scott Doe, Adam Cunnington and Ricky Modeste to all leave the AGP Arena while Jake Robinson departed on an undisclosed fee to Vanarama National League side Maidstone United.

Reports in the national newspaper ‘The Non League Paper’ claimed that the Club were in “ruins” after a source informed them that multi-millionaire owner Glenn Tamplin had stopped funding the Blues.

However, Chairman Dan Groves contrasted the reports stating, at half-time in Billericay Town’s 2-0 win at Eastbourne Borough, that the recent departures have come as a result of a financial restructure in order to make the Club more financially sustainable rather than Tamplin’s funds being withdrawn.

Speaking to Stephen Copping of Live Sports FM, the Blues chairman said: “I’ve had to have a chat to reassure everyone that there’s absolutely nothing bad or sinister going on. We had a squad of thirty players, that’s not viable in terms of financially and game time for the boys.

“There were four we released recently that want to play football and we couldn’t promise them that which we have to be fair to the boys. Jake [Robinson] was one of the starting eleven who we sold on, that was a transfer.”

Questions were raised by supporters following the sale of Jake Robinson to Maidstone United with the 32-year-old having thirteen goals to his name already this season; but Groves explained that the Club received an offer that was simply too attractive to turn down.

“It was a no brainer for us.” he said. “I love Robbo as a man and a player, he’s fantastic. But, he’s thirty-odd years old, he scored fifty goals for us, he’s had an amazing start to the season.

“I would have loved to have held onto him to see this season out, but Maidstone have come into a bit of Cup money. Harry [Wheeler] loves Jake and he made us an offer.

“There’s potentially a swap on the table which I can’t say too much about yet, maybe two Maidstone players coming to join us.”

Groves explained that owner Glenn Tamplin was absent from the Club due to “family and personal reasons” and that the Club remains in safe hands.

“Glenn is currently taking a bit of time out obviously due to family and personal reasons. He has left the Club in my capable hands obviously.

“I don’t shoot from the hip like Glenn does, he doesn’t take a minute about things whereas what I do is sit down, look at numbers, I’m the sensible one out of the pair of us I guess.

“I looked at a way of the budgets, to see what we could do and I spoke to Dean [Brennan] and taken advice from him.

“I wouldn’t do anything without his [Glenn’s] blessings but we’ve been tasked to get the squad down. We’ve still got 23 players on the books, two players on loan who we’ll recall and get them in.

“Believe it or not but I was trying to hang onto players. Dean wants a squad of 18 or 19, I said no we’ll keep 20 or 21 in case of injuries.”


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