A Case For Christ – ‘Hardly a case closed but a stepping stone to more’

A Case For Christ depicts the personal struggle and journey of an award-winning journalist from fierce atheism to a firm believer in Christianity.

Based on the original book written by Lee Strobel in 1998, Mike Vogel stars as the award-winning journalist Lee Strobel undergoes a life-changing search for answers.

Having seen his wife Leslie Strobel (Erika Christensen) convert from atheism following a near-death experience with their young daughter, Lee goes on a search to prove the inaccuracies and falsities behind the Christian faith.

Seemingly blind and in stark denial to the faith, Lee Strobel ventures across America as he speaks to ministers, theologists and psychologists in order to form his answers.

However, as he ventures deeper and deeper into his investigation, the evidence he discovers leads to a remarkable, life-altering discovery.

Mike Vogel excellently portrays the role of an arrogant journalist at the height of his career who is determined to solve the ultimate mystery.

Whether it be his poor sense of humour as he jokes “I’m off to report a missing person” when his wife declares her newly-found faith, or his accidental scaring of his young daughter – Strobel’s denial of faith is proven as he drinks heavily and acts as an all-round poor father and husband.

On the other hand, Strobel’s wife Leslie displays the infinite love, trust and patience that is shown by Christians as they place themselves at the mercy of a divine being.

A minor sub-plot exists as Lee seemingly looks to fulfil the void that he believes has been filled by Jesus; constantly undermining himself and perceiving himself as being ‘not good enough’ for his wife due to her searching for fulfilment through faith.

The audience appears to be innocent bystanders, perhaps even witnesses, as Strobel endures the most difficult of personal struggles as his atheist commitments are thrown into the air by a slow revelation in faith.

This film is by no means produced as a way of converting people to Christianity – it will most certainly not lead to queues of people waiting to be baptised.

But it does, however, provide an interesting historical insight into some of the unknowns about the resurrection of Christ.

Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) fiercely opposes his wife’s, Leslie Strobel (Erika Christensen), conversion to Christianity. Credit: IMDb

It’s evidence-based defence of the faith – through the use of eyewitness testimonials and a medical expert’s opinion on whether Jesus died on the cross – may prove sketchy to the sceptic; however, for those who hinge on the edge or are intrigued by the historical accuracy, it provides a fairly suitable insight.

The film does not offer a ‘case closed’ verdict but instead offers a stepping stone, possibly encouraging some viewers to seek more as they look, similarly to Strobel, for their own answers and meanings in life.

In a genre that is often treated poorly by critics due to poor production values, A Case For Christ provides a step in the right direction for its great message.

Rating: 7.5/10


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