NTU agrees to waive accommodation fees for students

Nottingham Trent students will not have to pay the third term fees for their accommodation as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the university has revealed today (Friday 27 March).

The university has today confirmed that students who were residing in accommodation provided directly by the university, or through UPP, will not have to pay the fees for term three if they have chosen to return home.

They have said, however, that fees will apply for students who choose to return or do not leave.

In a statement released by NTU, Vice-Chancellor Edward Peck said: “We do not envisage having any routine face to face contact with our students until the start of the autumn term.

“In this context we are acutely aware that students are concerned about being charged fees for their accommodation next term.

“Many students have already returned home and thus vacated their term time residences, although at present we estimate that up to a third of NTU students are still in Nottingham, in a combination of University and privately provided accommodation.”

NTU have said that they are unable to waive fees for students living in accommodation which is not managed by themselves.

They have said, though, that they are working alongside some of the providers in order to find a resolution.

Nottingham Trent Students’ Union president, Bradley Fox, also celebrated the development on social media.

Vice-Chancellor Edward Peck did say, however, that some providers have refused to waive the fees despite students following Government advice to return home.

“Others are refusing to waive these accommodation fees for students who are not in their properties in term three.

“For me, this is unjust,” he continued.

“Those students who are staying away are doing so to respect government advice to stay at home and thus safe lives; in my view they should not be financially penalised for embracing their civic duty.

“I am asking again that those providers do the right thing.”

The university has confirmed that they have also increased the student Hardship Fund in order to assist with students who are suffering financially due to the pandemic.

This article was initially published on Platform Magazine, on March 27, 2020.


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