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Users Experience Widespread Issues as Zoom Goes Down

Popular video conferencing tool Zoom is reporting widespread issues with thousands raising problems with audio and video being down this morning (May 17).

Independent outage monitor DownDetector recorded a spike in reports of Zoom being down between 9.30 and 10.30 am.

The telecommunications software has become widely known for allowing conference calls to take place during the coronavirus pandemic.

Of those affected, 77 per cent said they were experiencing issues with video conferencing – 21 per cent said they were unable to log-in.

Users turned to Twitter to raise concerns about the software.

One said: “@zoom_us I know you’re asleep in the US but us Europeans need your help! You could at least acknowledge that there are problems so we know you’re trying to do something about it.”

Another added: “Zoom looks broken this morning. Looking like a UK problem at the moment. Is anyone else having issues? #zoom”

The majority of users reported experiences from within Europe and the UK.

Down Detector uses social media mentions to spot when popular services receive technical issues.

At 10.42 am, nearly 3,000 down reports had been measured by Zoom – large scale reports began from around 10 am.

Zoom is yet to comment on the reported issues.


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