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One in Five People Say They Watch Coronavirus Briefings as Daily Audience Decreases

Just one in five people continue to watch the Government’s daily coronavirus briefings according to a YouGov poll.

Senior Cabinet members have taken to the podium alongside senior scientific and health advisors to provide daily briefings about the coronavirus pandemic since March 16.

The Prime Minister has taken to the podium just a handful of times but has addressed the nation twice in pre-recorded statements.

But, as lockdown continues across the UK, the daily audience for each briefing has reduced.

According to a poll by YouGov, just 18 per cent said they tune in each day.

A majority of 68 per cent said they watch the briefings at least once a week – a further 18 per cent said they have never watched or listened to the briefings.

coronavirus briefing
Boris Johnson and other Cabinet ministers have held daily updates for the public and media since March

The reasons behind the decreasing audiences are unknown.

Some people believe that the daily briefings to the media have caused a “slight confusion” for the public and it would be more beneficial if they were held less regularly.

Alex Jacklin, an 18-year-old Nottingham Trent student said: “I think the audience has gone down, and I’m one of these because now it feels the Government are doing them to keep some members of the public and media happy – so that they can be held accountable for every daily action they take.

“But I feel it’s very same-old every day, it’s just repeating what’s going on. The media aren’t asking enough in-depth questions to get proper answers from the Ministers holding the briefings.

“What is being said is what we already know.”

The university student continued to say that it would be more beneficial to the public to have fewer briefings which provide more information of value.

He added: “If there is anything that we need to know, we should find out by Boris [Johnson] doing a briefing or television broadcast – the viewers are going down because it’s same-old every day and to keep the media happy by giving them some headlines.”

“If it was done two or three times a week [that would be better] just to keep everyone informed,” he said.

“It shouldn’t be every day because not much is changing apart from the figures. Extra briefings could be added to discuss schools or testing by Gavin Williamson or Matt Hancock – an extra briefing should be given if an issue arises.

“The middle of the week and end of the week would keep people informed and so more would watch them as it’s not the same-old – you would be getting new information.”


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