After quite a few years, it’s finally happened. I’ve got myself a blog.

Over the past few years, this website has taken many different forms. First, it was a blog, then it became a portfolio and now it’s what I wish to describe as (drumroll please) a professional blog.

So what will feature on this blog? I’ll be honest, apart from the occasional blog post like this, there will not be too much. This website will mostly serve as a means of me connecting professionally with any potential freelance employers, as well as providing a look into my life as a journalist – and maybe even a glimpse of my personal life.

This post is a bit strange really. If you want to read a bit about me (how I got into journalism, what I’m currently doing etc) then feel free to click here. While I will try to keep these blog posts about my career journey and what I’m getting up to as a journalism student – it is probably inevitable that you will receive the occasional life update and possibly a rant about something I’ve read in the news.

I’ll try to keep things fairly regular. I’ll aim for once a week, but this may become less frequent if nothing interest happens or it may become more frequent if something incredible exciting happens within the media agenda. Hopefully, you’ll find what I post relatively entertaining, interesting and maybe even educational! I may not be the most experienced journalist, but hopefully, my experience as a student journalist will prove to beneficial to others following the path I took.

In the meantime, though, I’m going to provide a bit of information below about me that I chose not to include in my main ‘About Me’ page. Not because it’s unimportant, but because it provides a bit of a sneak peek into the individual that I am.

So, here it goes! My name is Matt, I’m from Chelmsford in Essex. I’ve lived there all my life, but I’m currently studying journalism at Nottingham Trent University. My favourite colour is blue. Do I support a football team? Yes. Who is it? That’s going to remain a secret for now – I don’t want it to damage any future employment opportunities!

I’m currently 19 years old (*puts a reminder in phone calendar to update this on birthday*). I’m the youngest of three – I’ve got a brother and a sister. The girl in the featured image is Joanna – for some reason, she puts up with me and chose to be my girlfriend. When I’m not watching sport – whether it be football, cricket or even badminton – I can be found reading books or watching TV, mostly about politics.

Oh and, before I forget, my favourite three food items in no particular order are lasagna, sour watermelon sweets and carbonara.

If you want to stay updated on everything I get up to, do please save this blog to your bookmarks. If you drop me a follow on Twitter or like my Facebook page then you will receive updates as soon as new posts are put up!


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