Whether it be to do with sports or your local community, I am a confident and adaptable journalist who can tell your story.

In the past, I have covered various types of events, news and sporting contests. I also enjoy meeting new individuals and telling the story of their lives – such as that of Scott Staines and Sam Perrin (see below).

Sam Perrin battled an addiction with gambling while working for Notts County (L), Scott Staines, a former homeless man himself, helped the homeless community by providing free haircuts

My experience with various newspapers and digital outlets means that I am used to providing a variety of content and working to various time deadlines.

My speciality – and topic of which I have had the most experience – is in football writing, but I can also write about cricket and tennis too. Another topic of which I have experience covering is local (community) news.

I am available for employment as a freelancer for shifts or one-off temporary work; I am also looking for regular part-time work within the media industry.

A portfolio of my published work – in print, digital, audio and TV – can be found here. Please click here if you would like to get in contact with me to discuss a possible working partnership.


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